THE NEXT EVENT IS SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 20-21, 2017 Old Wood Working Machinery Forums - Now doing metalworking machinery too!
Formerly OWWM.COM. Old woodworking and now metal working machinery. HUGE collection of manuals and pics of beautifully restored American Iron (Arn)
Practical Machinist
South Bend
Practical Machinist Forums. This link is to the South Bend forum (say hi to Paula!), but there are many others there.
Practical Machinist
Antique Machinery and History
Another forum on Practical Machinist. Well worth a look!
Model Engine Builder Model Engine Builder web site and associated magazine. There are some truly beautiful engines made by these folks!
Craftsmanship Museum Wow! Take a look at what these Craftsmen have made!
The Garage Journal Garages, workshops, tools and cars! Great forums and interesting articles to boot!
MIT Videos This is an excellent series of beginning machinist videos produced
by MIT. Machine-Tool REFERENCE ARCHIVE - by Tony Griffiths of Shop Floor Talk - Forums for machining, workshops and more!
The Home Machinist The Home Machinist is a forum board targeted at the Home Machinist (but I guess you gathered that...)
Patents and Trademarks The United States Patent and Trademark Office
Tallgrass Tools Tallgrass Tools sells tools and kits for useful tools and accessories for home shop machinists, model builders and hobbyists
Projects in Metal Free Project Plans, Tips, and Tricks for the Amateur Machinist
The Patriot Woodworker A non-profit grass roots network of woodworkers. Great forum!
DVPS Disabled Veterans Products and Services (DVPS) is a not-for-profit organization with a fresh look at methods to help our Veterans with their unique situations, and assist them with re-entry into the civilian world. God Bless our Veterans!

Antique Fan Collectors Assoc
The Antique Fan Collectors Association is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of an important part of history -
Antique fans,
Stag Trailers Mfg Stag Trailers is a local, family owned trailer manufacturing business located in the heart of the Ozarks. We pride ourselves in building quality trailers at an affordable price. We believe our quality speaks for itself, so come on in and check us out!
Tools and A shameless self-promotion. Enter at your own risk. lol